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The main section shows my complete Mike Oldfield collection. Hope you like it, there are loads of rare stuff in here.

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The box where I keep items.

My Blue Peter courtains.

Discovery Lamp.

Promo Mouse Mat The Songs of Distant Earth.

Promo Bag Discovery.

Promo Flyer Five Miles Out.

The Nokia Night of the Proms Germany 2006.

The Nokia Night of the Proms Spain 2007.

Tubular Bells III World Premiere Invitation.

Tubular Bells III World Display Card.

Mike Oldfield Guinness Coaster.

Mike Oldfield Patches.

Pop Music Cards.

MP3 Project (18 CD's).

Classic in Concert Paperwork (BBC TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES related).

Virgin Boeing 747-400 Tubular Belle.

Classic Album Covers Stamps & Postcards.

The Space Movie Lobby set.

Reading 40 years anniversary souvenirs.

Newbury 45 years anniversary souvenirs.

Newbury 50 years anniversary souvenirs.

Live in Concert The 50th Anniversary Celebration flyer.

Mike Oldfield Mug.

Five Miles Out Wrist Band.

Mike Oldfield slides.

Holger Lemke showing his collection.

Music Wonderland Diorama.

Handmade Tubular Bells.

Gift I got on my 50th birthday (Mike Oldfield seeing how I play the Rubik's Cube on the Incantations cover).