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The main section shows my complete Mike Oldfield collection. Hope you like it, there are loads of rare stuff in here.

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Ticket Barcelona 31/March/1979.

Ticket Royal Festival Hall 21/April/1979.

Ticket Wembley 29/May/1980.

Ticket Madrid 23/September/1980.

Ticket Cascais 25/September/1980.

Ticket Concert Rome 9/July/1981.

Ticket Tokyo 26/May/1982.

Ticket San Sebastián 26/November/1982.

Ticket Five Miles Out World Tour '82.

Ticket Barcelona 4/June/1983.

Ticket Bilbao 5/June/1983.

Ticket Lille 11/June/1983.

Ticket Wembley 22/July/1983.

Ticket Discovery Tour (Donostia 23/August/1984).

Ticket Genova 6/September/1984.

Ticket Discovery Tour (Bremen 17/October/1984).

Ticket Discovery Tour (Berlin 29/October/1984).

Ticket Toulouse 7/November/1984.

Ticket Bordeaux 8/November/1984.

Ticket The World Premiere Tubular Bells II (Edinburgh 4/September/1992).

Ticket Tubular Bells II Tour (Stuttgart 23/March/1993).

Ticket Tubular Bells II Tour (Barcelona 15/September/1993).

Ticket The World Premiere of Tubular Bells 3 (London 4/September/1998).

Ticket Then and Now Tour (Barcelona 6/July/1999).

Ticket Then and Now Tour (Castro Urdiales 10/July/1999).

Ticket Then and Now Tour (Katowice 25/July/1999).

Ticket Night of the Proms (Madrid 31/March/2007).