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11/11/2022 - Received today from France. Three CDs with interesting stickers 😻

23/05/2022 - Traslucent vinyl 😍😍😍

15/05/2002 - To celebrate Mike Oldfield’s birthday, I am presenting today this crazy rare Platinum vinyl lp in Blue vinyl. So what are your guesses here? Can be “similar” to the red&blue Incantations that all points to be a UK pressing done for the Finland market? 🥳🥳🥳

23/04/2022 - Josep Valldeperas showed us his Boxed collection ❤️❤️❤️

14/04/2022 - From Fernando’s collection. They all include same Human Right speech. They are pirate non license records most likely. So not a big interest in my opinion. In any case, I have one in my collection. Do you have any like this NOT in this photo by Fernando?

02/03/2022 - A very rare photo… long boxes from USA. Several still missing in my collection. Very hard to find.

07/02/2022 - I decided to “revisit” this old photo with German fans but with my own collection 😂😂😂