Part 1 - intro.htm - the introduction

This is Part 1 of the Mike Oldfield Discography by Rainer Muenz:
intro.htm - the introduction
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                         || MIKE OLDFIELD ||

                      - D i s c o g r a p h y -

                           by Rainer Muenz

                     Last Update: December 26th, 2002

                            (5016 items)

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  Rainer Muenz

  Or please phone number ++49-(0)XXXX-XXXXXX.
New information is very welcome, so don't hesitate if you know items
which are not listed here. This discography will be updated if possible.

  You can get the newest update of this discography online and as zip
  version from my Mike Oldfield page at:


  The first official WWW web site where you can get a complete version
  of the discography is Stefan Nilsson's Mike Oldfield Information Centre
  (this might not be up to date):


  The first and only search engine for this discography can be found
  at Lise Andreasen's Homepage:


Please allow me some hints for working with these lists:

- These discography was specially made for serious collectors, but also
  as a kind of information material for newbies who don't know which
  songs are released on singles or which albums do exist.

- In these lists you can't find information about different versions
  of songs or remixes. But you will be able to find such details in the
  comment file which will be available soon.

- If an item wasn't released with picture sleeve you can find the
  comment "no PC" in my lists. But remember: I don't know all releases!
  So if there is no such comment it's possible that this item was
  issued without PC despite - and I just don't know! Please help me
  completing my knowledge. Only if the comment "no PC" is given, you
  can be sure that it is okay to buy an item in a neutral or firm
  cover without missing something.

- The values in my lists are given in DM (German Mark). To get Euro or
  US $ values, please divide by 2. Please notice: The values in other
  countries than Germany may be totally different! A high value in
  Germany means that it is not easy to find this item in Germany for
  a good price. Perhaps that's because this item was released in a very
  far country like USA, Japan or Australia. Then you have to pay shipping,
  duty and much more. So even an official release like a 7" Moonlight
  Shadow will be much cheaper as a German pressing than as a French,
  Italian or Australian pressing. The conditions are reversed in each
  country, so you can't compare most of the values. A German original of
  LP Tubular Bells will be more expensive in New Zealand than their own
  original, and vice versa.
  But: All prices are based on the mail order lists from a few German
  Oldfield specialists. I can get very much items cheaper at record
  fairs or in good second hand shops, sometimes for only 10 % of the
  value, but most for about 40-70 %. So be careful with these values!
  Exact conversion to Euro: Divide by 1.95583.

- About release countries: Some items are pressed in an other country
  as they were released. The 7" Guilty from Hongkong was pressed in
  England, and there is no hint that it is a Hongkong release (but
  jacket and label are totally different to all others). I've sorted
  most of these items in a way that you can find them under the
  country where they have been released. But of course: A German
  pressing for whole Europe is listed under Germany, and if such an item
  was officially imported to Japan or somewhere else you will find only
  a German release.
  Some items have only a sticker with the new order number on the back
  side of the sleeve, but they were originally pressed in an other
  country. You can find Bedford's LP "Instructions For Angels" with a
  special order number for Germany, but this issue was pressed in UK.
  Despite I've listed it as a German release though it was only
  imported. On the other hand, there are real German pressings from
  "Star's End" and Tom Newman's "Fine Old Tom". I'm sorry, there
  is not enough space to comment all such differences in my lists -
  I'm going to do this inside the book. Please ask, if you have some
  questions now. By the way, items which only have such "import
  stickers" are valued equal as the release without sticker.

- Matrix numbers are only listed if they are very important (LP
  Platinum, UK), rare or more interesting than usual. You can imagine
  that there are very much more items with different matrix numbers
  (I have three different German 7" Pictures In The Dark, but there
  is only one listed - the differences are only very small).

- Private made CDs are listed if I know them. But take care: They are
  nothing more than self-made compilations or bootlegs with self-made
  or sometimes without PC. They are comparable with the earlier self-
  made tape recordings. Private made MCs are not listed at all, but I'd
  like to list CDs because they are of interest for several people.
  Most editions are between 3 and 20 copies. Such CDs are often sold or
  offered for high prices, but I'm not going to value them so high.
  It is possible for most people to make a CD for less than 20 DM today
  together with a printed or xerox-copied picture sleeve.

- All testpressings I know are listed now. But you can be sure that
  there are much more existing. I guess that there are testpressings
  of (almost) all editions and items we know. But it's very hard to
  find them or to get information about them.

- Not all records with Foldcover are marked with "FC". Most editions
  of "Incantations", "Exposed", "Five Miles Out" and "The Complete
  Mike Oldfield" have a Foldcover. Items with a usual sleeve are
  marked with "no FC" in these cases.

- If there isn't a space between song titles in the track listing, it
  means that the songs are recorded as medley. E.g. the track "In High
  Places/Etude" would be a medley, but a listing like "In High Places
  / Etude" means that they are two seperate songs.

- Please notice: This is no offer list!

  PC      =  Picture Cover, Picture Sleeve
  PD      =  Picture Disc
  PR      =  Promo
  Ed.     =  Edition
  FC      =  Foldcover (Gatefold sleeve)
  Ltd.    =  Limited
  diff.   =  different
  testpr. =  testpressing  
  sl.     =  sleeve

Country abbreviations:

  UK  =  United Kingdom, England    CAN =  Canada
  D   =  Germany, West Germany      JAP =  Japan
  AUS =  Australia                  NZL =  New Zealand
  USA =  United States of America   FRA =  France
  CHI =  Chile                      NL  =  Netherlands, Holland
  ITA =  Italy                      ES  =  Spain
  POR =  Portugal                   FIN =  Finland
  ARG =  Argentina                  COL =  Columbia
  BRA =  Brazil                     VEN =  Venezuela
  PAR =  Paraguay                   ISR =  Israel
  POL =  Poland                     KOR =  Korea, South Korea
  DDR =  East Germany               RSA =  South Africa
  AUT =  Austria                    SWE =  Sweden
  GRE =  Greece                     HKG =  Hongkong
  YU  =  Yugoslavia                 IRL =  Ireland
  CS  =  Czech Republic             HUN =  Hungary
  SUI =  Switzerland                EEC =  European Economic Community
  SRL =  Sri Lanka, Ceylon          DUB =  Dubai
  BEL =  Belgium                    LUX =  Luxemburg
  MEX =  Mexico                     NIG =  Nigeria
  DK  =  Denmark                    TR  =  Turkey
  SAR =  Saudi-Arabia               ZW  =  Zimbabwe
  MAL =  Malaysia                   CR  =  Croatia
  BLG =  Bulgaria                   SGP =  Singapore
  NOR =  Norway                     THL =  Thailand
  IND =  Indonesia                  RUS =  Russia
  VCH =  China                      PE  =  Peru
  ESV =  El Salvador

These discography has been splitted in 15 parts:

   1. Introduction            :  intro.htm
   2. 7" singles              :  singles.htm
   3. 10", 12" singles        :  maxis.htm
   4. LP releases             :  lps.htm
   5. CDs                     :  cds.htm
   6. Bootlegs (LPs, CDs)     :  bootleg.htm
   7. Private made CDRs       :  private.htm
   8. CD-Maxis                :  cdmaxis.htm
   9. MCs, 8-Track Cart.      :  tapes.htm
  10. Videos and Laserdiscs   :  videos.htm
  11. Various artists         :  compi.htm
  12. Guest Projects          :  guest.htm
  13. Cover Versions          :  cover.htm
  14. Label-Appendix          :  labels.htm
  15. Comment File            :  comments.htm (not ready yet)

A discography will never be complete. Please help me if you know
details which I haven't listed yet. Send email to the address above.

Nobody can write a discography without the help of other fans and
collectors. I wish to thank all people who have helped me (directly
or indirectly) to make these lists so big:

    All people from the Mike Oldfield Mailing List, Ralph Weiss,
    Frank Hafner, Andreas Hirsch, Roland Weissflog, Patricia
    Scholz, Ernie Longmire (Lazlo Nibble), Boris Rossner, Milton
    Ferris, Jose David Munoz Delgado, Simon Long, Remco Witberg,
    Nancy Cedeno, Hessel Meun, Morten Due Jorgensen, Johnny Voigt
    Sondergaard, Makoto Hyuga, Kevin Krieger, Wilfried Buscher,
    Gareth Randall, Allison Andrews, Sean Moraghan, Diccon Maude,
    Frank Wendland, Francis Mouton, Martin Glatz, Carole Martin,
    Svend Aage Petersen, Jean Laurent, Maurice G. Lafleur, Paul White,
    Jens Licht, Chris Dewey, Francesc Verdu, Chris Kimber,
    Matthew Sorrell, Greg Begland, Stephane Peron, Gary Wingert,
    The Mad Hatter, Rene De Vreng, Rory Ewins, Carolin Guenther,
    Peter Prisekin (Dusty Chalk), Jose Miguel Bernal Hierro,
    James Thomas Kirkhope, Marcus Junglas, David Porter, Gabriele
    "Sheba" Schroetter, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Yuri Giuntoli, Jan Flaska,
    Mike Scurr, Mika Raatikainen, Philip Bendall, Victor Sandman,
    Balazs Lovas, Christophe Gevrey, Peter Vettermann, Elf, Robert
    H. Schmidt, Guido Greven, Jesper Bekkewold (former Jesper Larsson),
    Jeff Gower, Richard Bogg, Giles Whitaker, Roberto Adler, Tim
    Woodward, Magnus Goeting, Lee Whitehead, Frank Schroeder-Hoeftmann,
    Alden Bates, Pierre Gabriele, Danny Christiansen, Andrea Seehuber,
    Thomas Sundblom, Uwe Zelt, Christophe Copetti, David Wilson, Ulrich H.
    Rothe, Jan Soppart, Thomas Sieck, Louis Raymond, Martin Schwab,
    Nacho Marin, Octavio Molano, Russell Whipple, Jo Hjermstad,
    Stefan Koechling, Stefan Wolf, Keith Johnson, Hubert Hummel, Andre
    Ebert, Allan Naeslund, Robert Hanna, Christa Chaineux, Dieter
    Chaineux, Marton Mihalyfi, Miguel A. Fernandez, Ian Chapman, Costas
    Voliotis, Felix Mercader, Michael A. Marks, Conrado Badenas, Sven
    Haarmann, Roman Davydoff, Jeff Richardson, Ruben Fernandez Perez,
    Ng Kam Chuen, Michel Ramond, Guido Borchert, Posh!, Ken P.,
    Thomas Patrick McLoughlin, Philip Spagnolo, Stephen Byrne,
    Andrzej Wojtowicz, Roland Piller, Lea Nicholson, Robert Weiniger,
    Dirk Rombauts, Hajo Ottenbacher, Chris Bailo
    - and of course Mike Oldfield for recording so many songs.

    Special thanks to Alois H. Nusko.
    Also special thanks to AnnMarie Scott, Peter Evans, Lise
    Andreasen, Stefan Nilsson, Ralf Erhard, and Paul Harris.

    Very special thanks to Kazuya Usui.



You are allowed to print the lists for your private use only. You are
also allowed to copy them for other people if you don't get money from
them. I do accept distribution of the unchanged lists per www and ftp.
And I do allow usage for completing other discographies.

Copyright (C) 1993-2002 by Rainer Muenz.

Special hint: Items marked with a * are part of my own collection.
              Please ask for more information about them if interested.
              But remember: This is no offer list!

"?" Symbol:   Items marked with a ? are rumours, that means I'm not
              sure if they are really existing. More information and
              details from people who have really seen them would be
              very helpful. In some cases I can't believe that details
              like order numbers or labels are really correct but they
              have been listed in other discographies. Can anybody help?
              By the way, a missing ? symbol doesn't mean that I have
              ever seen the item and that all info is right!